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I have proclaimed my Christianity for several years now and during that time I have heard many teachings, doctrines and sermons. One of the lessons I have learned through much heartache is how the truth can be so distorted that it is disturbing. I have seen countless souls literally fall away from the faith. It is very hard to know where the truth can be found with so much deception going on in the world. Matthew 24:11- Says that many false prophets will arise and deceive many. This is why it is necessary to be like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 who made sure they searched the scriptures for themselves to see if what they heard was actual truth.

This is where The Way of the Master comes in. This is the most excited I have ever been about a teaching on the word of God. I have been as a wise Berean searching the scriptures and I find The Way of the Master to line up with the truth. The facts are laid out on the table in plain and simple terms. The bottom line is that we need to make sure we are soundly saved and that we can be used by the Lord to seek and save those who are perishing around us. If I write songs and produce CD's without making the Great Commission my #1 priority then it will all be in vain. If you have not heard of The Way of The Master I encourage you to check out their websites at either Way of The Master or Living Waters and listen to some of their audio clips.

Also, I have posted a blog for the first time. One of the blogs is entitled, “What I Believe and Why I Believe It” while another blog has been posted with “Current Events”. The Current Events blog displays links to various topics which I personally believe are related to End Time events that will eventually find us facing the 7 years of tribulation mentioned in the book of Revelation. Several links will include a scripture verse with commentary stating why I believe recent current events relate to the End Times. These links will be updated as often as possible to keep you informed on various topics that affect everyone on the face of the earth. You will be surprised by what you do not know is going on right behind the backs of American citizens.

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