Here To Testify
Lyrics and Music by: Jennifer Sides

Copyright © 2004, Jennifer Sides

Iíve got a song / Iíd like to sing to each of yaíll
If anyoneís listenení / Your welcomed to sing along
Now donít be shy / Just step up to the mic
And pretend / Itís a karaoke night
Cause itís time to sing / Of the good news
And put on your danciní shoes

Oh, Jesus came to bring us life
When He rose up form the grave Ė Thatís right
And I am here to testify / Heís still alive today
Oh, Jesus is the solid rock / On which my faith will stand
And no matter what is goiní on / Iím gonna put it in His hands
Oh, Jesus is my living hope / And I never will deny
That Jesus is my one true friend
And Iím here to testify

Oh, Can I get / A witness who will say amen?
And testify / That youíve been born again?