Never Alone
Lyrics and Music by: Jennifer Sides

Copyright © 2002, Jennifer Sides

You cried out in your darkest hour
In your greatest time of need
Drowning in the current
From the raging seas of life
Searching for some peace of mind
Not really sure what you might find
Living in a world where few believe
Jesus came to set them free

And no matter where youíve been
No matter what youíve done
As long as you are willing
To follow the son
Heíll be your hope
Heíll be your peace
Heíll be the one
Who gives you the peace
To face all things
Heíll be your light
In a world where itís dark
And youíll always know
Youíre never alone

You reached out with no end in sight
From the pain that wounds your heart
Caught between what lies ahead
And all thatís left behind
Wondering if youíll ever find
Hope that stands the test of time
Living in a world where few will see
Jesus died to set them free