1. Deep Blue Sea

From the recording Testimony

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I hear the whispers of the enemy
He's calling out my name
Trying to deceive me
and bring upon shame
Yet my sins have been forgiven
And my soul has been set free
From the chains that held me captive
and now I believe

I believe in God
and the Father
Who sent His Son
to save a wretch like me
I believe that faith
Can move a mountain
And toss it into the deep blue sea
And toss it into the deep blue sea

I hear the voice
Of the Father
He's calling out my name
Softly, gently leading me
To safety by His grace
Saying, "Child you are forgiven,
for I have set you free
Now go tell the world
Of all you believe!"

And if faith can move a mountain
Then surely I believe
That there's a day a comin'
When I'll see my King of kings
And that lyin' ole devil
Might have somethin' up his sleeve
But He'll be tossed someewhere
And it won't be the deep blue sea