1. Testimony

From the recording Testimony

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By His stripes I am healed
and by the blood of the Lamb
I am covered by grace
Despised and rejected by men
Though sinless
He was a ransom for all sin

This is a testimony
of how God's One and Only
Son of Jospeh and Mary
remains the greatest story
through the ages
This is a testimony
No, I'm not even worthy
of the sacrifice He made
How He saved a wretch like me
How He conquered the grave
As a testimony
As a testimony

It's by His grace amazing grace
Oh, how I love to tell the story
Of my long awaited King
Seated in Heaven above
He's alive for He has risen
and He reigns forevermore

Thank You Lord for sennding down Your Son
Thank You for the message of The Cross
Oh, it is finished
Now let Your Kingdom come!