From the recording This Side Of Heaven

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Been chasing to many rainbows
Trying to seek some solid ground
Looking into my rearview mirror
Trying hard to figure out
Just how did I end up here
And how do I go back
If I’m not drinkin’ milk or honey
I’m on the wrong side of the tracks

Now that I’ve finally seen the light
I’m gonna get it right this time
Gonna lean a whole lot closer
To the straight and narrow life
Where Your mercies overflow
On the banks of Your endless love
Is where I long to be
That’s why it’s meant to be this way
Cause without You
There’d be nowhere else to turn
Without You, Jesus
I’d never make it alone

I was searching for buried treasure
Until You came along
You’re like a diamond in the rough - Lord
When things start getting tough
You’re always there to pick me up
When I fall down You dust me off
No matter how many stones are thrown
You are with me through it all