From the recording This Side Of Heaven

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Waking up to the sounds of roaring thunder
As the hard rain falls unto the ground
Looking out into the endless fields of flowers
Sets the stage for the seasons to go on
Where the paintings try to draw a conclusion
Or capture a moment in time
I stand back and see a reflection
And I’m sure it’s His smile

That’s why I’m seeking His face this side of heaven
This side of heaven I’m believing it’s true
That He is the reason worth living
So I’m giving my all
Cause it’s all I want to do
On this side of heaven
On this side of heaven

I’m reminded of His tender grace and mercies
As the snow lays a blanket on the ground
Singing praises to the God of all creation
Oh, how sweet is the sound
When peace makes it’s way into the valley
It’s restoring my soul every time
Lifting my eyes to the heavens
I know it’s alright

Cause there’s no greater love than this
No greater love than His
That gives me peace on earth
And the hope inside my heart to carry on
The hope to carry on