1. Easy Street

From the recording This Side Of Heaven

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Holding onto promises / Seeking empty dreams
That this world gives away / To those who live for earthly things
As the moments pass right by / So do the days
Where the blind lead the blind / And believe they’re on their way

Down on easy street / On a higher way
Got the wind beneath their feet / And the grass is always green
Along the path they take / By the rules they make
No one seems to be aware / Of the price that Jesus paid

How He gave His life away / On the cross at Calvary
How His saving grace / Is all the hope they’ll ever need
How the Lamb of God / Washed their sins away

It’s not an easy street / But it’s the highest way
For those who walk by faith / And call upon His name
Living in the truth / And seeking His face
In all of His glory / Giving praise to the King

It’s not an easy street / But it’s the only way
To walk down the road less traveled / In God’s amazing grace