From the recording Colossians 3:16

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He was born in a stable
In the city of Bethlahem
A promise from the angel
Sent by the, "Great I Am"
Greeted by three wise men
Who traveled from afar
With gifts fit for a King
They knew He was
the Bright and Morning Star

Make way for the King
Robed in Majesty
The Mighty God of thunder
and the reigning Prince of Peace
Make way for the King
Lift up your voice and sing
Worship and adore Him
Oh, Praise His holy name

He rode into Jerusalem
The, "Great City Of Our God"
Appearing upon a donkey
Just like the prophet said He would
Greeted by the multitudes
Who followed Him crying out,
"Hosanna in the Highest"
They knew what this
Jesus was all about

And somewhere off in the distance
The trumpets gonna sound
As Jesus appears triumphant
Descending from the clouds