1. Goin Home

From the recording It's All About The Blood

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I don’t fit the mold
Of the ways of this world
I’ve set my sights
On a place
I’ve never been before
Where a carpenter
Is hard at work
For this bride to be
I’m anxiously awaiting
The day He comes for me

I’ll be goin’ home
Where the streets
Are made of gold
I’ll be goin’ home
To walk that heavenly shore
There’s a place
Set at the table
With a feast fit
For a king
I’ll be goin’ home
I’ll be goin’ home

I will not lose hope
No matter how long
I’ll keep runnin’ this race
Oh I’ll keep pressin’ on
With my hands to the plow
Waiting patiently
I don’t have to toil much longer
I can’t help but sing