From the recording It's All About The Blood

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The Spirit is willing
To well up inside of your soul
But you're tired and weary
Since fear has taken control
You've branded yourself
As a lost cause
Thinkin' you're too far gone
But that couldn't be
Further from the truth
For the Lord
Is calling on you

You've gotta step outside the box
And get your feet wet
There's no room for excuses
And no time like the present
You've been called to testify
And be a wtiness
So step outside the box
And tell the world
All about Jesus

Redeemed and bought at a price
No man can afford
Your sins are forgiven
Your souls been
Covered by the blood
No longer a prisoner of darkness
No longer a slave to sin
You life has become living proof
That the Lord has called upon you

You've gotta step outside the box
Walk by faith and don't lose sight
Of Who He Is